Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cell Phone Repair in Philadelphia: When All Screen Protections Fail

You got a new iPhone—the latest model, in fact. You’re excited to dress it up and purchase your needed (and wanted) accessories for the handy gadget (that nifty iPhone case on eBay, or perhaps that epic 10-foot-long charger). You’ll probably encounter the ever-pressing debate, too: do you really need a screen protector? You have several types to choose from. There are the conventional screen protectors—the ones made of thin plastic sheet in a clear or matte surface—that strengthens your phone’s scratch resistance to a small extent. However, they may not be necessary in the most recent smartphone models. The iPhone 6 display, in particular, is made with Gorilla Glass, which can resist scratches from anything softer than a steel file. Keys, coins, and other items may not even damage the screen, unless you intentionally scratch the surface with force.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

When Computer Repair in Philadelphia helps Fire Up Your Gaming Rig

You’d mostly want to de-stress after work by going out or playing a few rounds on a PC game. A part of you, however, may think the rig should be better equipped to handle some of the newest games coming out, or those you may have missed for some time. Peter Brown stressed as much in his article for Gamespot. Philaldelphia already has a good training ground for videogame designers thanks to programs at Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania, but has struggled to encourage growth in the local game design industry. The pursuit of more engaging and graphically-advanced games can be a bane to Philly residents whose computers are gradually stressed by each new game’s system requirements. This opens options for computer repair at Philadelphia outfits like Scorpion Computers.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Cell Phone Repair in Philadelphia: Staying Connected Through Apps

Along with millions of other people in the world, you probably can no longer remember the time when you went through a day without your smartphone or tablet. Nowadays, these have become much more than just devices for communications. With the availability of the Internet practically everywhere, smartphones and tablets are now being used for more purposes, including making online purchases, looking for information about anything and everything, and watching the latest episodes of favorite TV shows.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Philadelphia Computer Repair Experts Help Keep Your PCs Threat-free

Those who predicted the demise of the desktop and laptop a few years ago will find the latest figures surprising. First, recent data released by IBM showed that a large majority of online purchases in November and December of 2014 were done from either a desktop or a laptop. Such transactions made up 77% of total online sales, with the rest coming from smartphones and tablets. Second, total PC sales for 2014 were up from 2013, with around 300 million portable PCs sold. Experts now see this trend to continue through 2015, especially with the introduction of fresh new features from noted PC makers like Dell, Lenovo, and ASUS. The MacBook Air also continues to see gains in sales, especially with the expected introduction of the MacBook Pro Retina screen in 2015.