Thursday, December 4, 2014

iPad and Cell Phone Repair in Philadelphia Faces Unstoppable Demands

Fortunately, as Apple continues to dominate the tablet and smartphone markets, so do companies offering iPad and cellphone repair in Philadelphia and elsewhere. Technicians in these companies understand that no matter what kind of development Apple makes on its products, they will remain vulnerable to damage. In fact, according to technology experts, Apple’s new iPads are just as fragile as its predecessor. Should you purchase the latest tablet model from Apple that will be out in a few months, you might as well ready yourself to contact an expert in iPad repair in Philadelphia, such as those from Scorpion Computers, who can do the repair in case something unfortunate happens to your unit.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Philadelphia Computer Repair: How to Protect Your Laptop from Winter

Your laptop contains files that are important to you, so you need to protect it at all costs. The tips above should help you fend off any harmful effects that the cold may bring to your precious device so your laptop can emerge from the winter season unscathed. Remember, if all else fails, and as long as your data is unaffected, you can always count on a professionals like a Philadelphia Mac repair specialist to bring your computer back to running the way it used to.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Do You Know CPR? Philadelphia Cell Phone Repair Tips for Wet Phones

Although your goal is to dry your phone quickly, don’t use a hairdryer. It will melt the circuitry. Similarly, do not place your iPhone in the microwave as it will neither dry nor charge your phone, regardless of whether you updated your iOS. Once the phone has dried—which usually happens within 24 to 36 hours—assemble it again and turn it on. If it fails to boot up, then it’s time to visit an experienced Philadelphia iPhone repair service like Scorpion Computers. In case you encounter other types of problems with your phone after booting up, do not hesitate to have a trusted Philadelphia cell phone repair service take a look at it. With today’s prices, salvaging your phone is likely to be much less expensive than buying a new one, as well as much more convenient.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Philadelphia Computer Repair Experts Share Tips When Reformatting

Since reformatting entails reinstalling your OS, be sure you actually have the disk on-hand before clicking the reformat option. Major computer manufacturers will always supply this along with your purchase, but some smaller brands may not do so. Always make sure as you don’t want to realize you can’t complete the reformat right in the middle of the process. In the event that you make a mistake and lose important files or programs, do not panic. A quick trip to a center for computer repair in Philadelphia like Scorpion Computers should be done to recover any lost files. If you aren’t very confident in your own IT skills, a computer repair service would be more than happy to do the reformatting for you.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Computer Repair in Philadelphia: Tidying Up Your Computer Registry

To solve registry problems, you will need to use a registry cleaning software. These tools have the ability to clean, fix, and organize your system registry. Some software manufacturers offer registry cleaners for free, just be sure to talk to a computer repair expert to discover the best ones for your situation. What about repairing the registry manually? A registry system repair is a highly complex task and using a specialized software is extremely favorable than performing the necessary tweaks yourself. Philadelphia computer repair experts strongly recommend that you avoid making changes to your computer’s registry manually unless you have a full knowledge of how to do so.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Philadelphia Cell Phone Repair: Maintenance Tips for Android Phones

Many issues may arise from regular cell phone use. Not only issues with the system, but with the hardware itself. If you’re a heavy user, you’ll more likely encounter physical problems like display, speaker, or battery damage with your phone. For these and other related problems, visit a Philadelphia cell phone repair specialist. Don’t let mobile phone issues linger. Your mobile phone is your lifeline in today’s fast-paced digital world. With the large role it plays in your life, you shouldn’t let any problems you encounter with it last for long. Small issues can easily turn into catastrophic ones, so it’s necessary to nip any problems you may encounter in the bud. Should you ever find yourself in need of reliable cell phone repair services, visit a trusted provider of smartphone and iPad repair in Philadelphia like Scorpion Computers.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Problems that Require Philadelphia Cell Phone Repair: On Overheating

Your smartphone is working perfectly fine, allowing you to browse and call as you go around Philly. But after an overnight charging session, you notice that it seems to be heating up and draining quite quickly. Shortly thereafter, you’ll end up talking to a Philadelphia cell phone repair pro, wondering what could have gone wrong. What you might not know is that overheating is one of the most common causes of cell phone trouble.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Effective Philadelphia Computer Repair Tips for the Hardcore Gamer

So you’re right in the perfect kill-zone, rampaging your way through hordes of goblins as you stomp your way through the far-off realm of Azeroth, when suddenly the network slows to a crawl, culminating in a lag that eventually crashes your game. What do you do? Do you sit and froth with impotent rage, or do you run through your Philly neighborhood, looking for a trusty Philadelphia computer repair store? Hopefully, you’re planning on doing the latter, but before you do so, there are a few troubleshooting tips you might want to try on your own.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Philadelphia Cell Phone Repair Center Solves iPhone Software Woes

Many iPhone and iPad owners find that a quick reboot can take care of apps that crash or slow down. For more serious software concerns involving the iPhone, however, it would be best to turn to a Philadelphia cell phone repair expert from a company like Scorpion Computers who knows how to diagnose and troubleshoot Apple software and hardware problems. Any ill-informed DIY attempts to fix such a sophisticated piece of gadgetry can only do more harm than good. Case in point: battery problems. If an iPhone 5 were to suddenly shut down on its own, it is easy to assume that a battery defect is to blame. However, the problem could be traced to apps installed on the phone, or even iOS itself, as these things consume battery power even when the device is turned off or on standby mode. The same is also true of other mobile devices, given that current battery designs can barely keep up with the ever-growing power demands of apps and device features, such as Bluetooth connectivity.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Philadelphia Computer Repair Expert Moves to New Allegheny Ave. Store

Thank you! No two words can better express how we feel about this latest development in our company. Due to your overwhelming support and trust, Scorpion Computers—your preferred provider of computer repair in Philadelphia—has grown tremendously over the past two years, prompting us to move to a new store location on 2636 E. Allegheny Avenue. The move is now scheduled for the end of July but we are still open at our old location until further notice. It’s not too drastic a change, though—our new shop is literally blocks away from our old location, only that it’s much bigger now, making visits more convenient and comfortable for customers.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Seek Trusted Cell Phone Repair in Philadelphia for iPhone Battery Woes

Water damage, in particular, is a major battery-killer and is one of the biggest reasons why flooded iPhones often stay dead, so to speak. Even if the iPhone was immediately rescued and dried off, there’s a good chance that its battery would no longer hold a full charge. It is possible to replace the battery with a new one without calling an expert, but visiting a Philadelphia iPhone repair center is often a more sensible decision as water may have seeped through and damaged other components.

Meanwhile, a responsible and careful iPhone owner is more likely to worry about software-induced battery problems than clumsily dropping the phone into a puddle or the toilet. Briggs also points out that running multiple apps can drain the iPhone’s battery. For instance, apps and iPhone settings, like Facebook and automatic data fetching (respectively), consume additional power without people realizing it.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Philadelphia Computer Repair: Offers Virus Protection and Removal

US-CERT advises keeping your anti-virus software and operating system updated. You can also get help from shops that offer PC upgrades and computer repair in Philadelphia, so technicians can expertly handle your PC or anti-malware upgrades.

You should also protect your information by regularly updating your passwords and opting for obscure, long, and complicated character combinations. Be wary of scam and spam emails, which are commonly used to spur infections.

Be mindful of telltale signs of malware infection, such as a sluggishly operating system, erratic cursor movement, and unexpected pop-ups of text-based chat boxes. If you encounter these things, you may want to consult a Philadelphia computer repair expert like Scorpion Computers for emergency virus detection and removal so you can reinforce your PC’s security.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Malware and Jailbreaks: Get Help from Philadelphia iPad Repair Experts

"Choose Wisely Jailbreaking comes with its pros and cons. Security experts advise caution when planning an iOS jailbreak (iOS 7.1 no longer allows jailbreaking after the vulnerability exploited by jailbreaker Evasion7 was patched up by the makers). For a more worry-free jailbreak, it’s better to let a Philadelphia cell phone repair expert like Scorpion Computers handle the process. Jailbreaking will help you gain full access to your phone’s features and install premium apps. However, if not done carefully, it can do more harm than good, perhaps even more than just voiding your warranty with Apple. Jailbreakers such as Evasion7 always include a disclaimer, saying they can’t guarantee the safety of the data inside during the process."

Monday, May 12, 2014

Philadelphia Computer Repair Experts are Ready for the New Mac Pro

" The RAM modules are easily accessible and replaceable, says iFixit, so users can max out the memory to 64GB without too much sweat. Removing the solid-state drive entails just a turn of a screwdriver, revealing the flash storage and flash controller.” This daunting technological achievement is made even more remarkable by the apparent ease of its repair and maintenance. Philadelphia Mac repair pros like those at Scorpion Computers will have no trouble dismantling the equipment to fix or replace components, and putting it back together. With repair experts on hand, the prospect of investing in the new Mac Pro does not seem too forbidding, even with the device’s staggering cost."

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Philadelphia iPhone Repair: Three Ways to Extend iPhone Battery Life

 If none of these tips work however, then that could be a sign that there’s an underlying cause to your phone’s battery problems. You may not be skilled enough to handle such issues. If this is the case, you should take your phone to a Philadelphia iPhone repair store as soon as possible.

Trusted computer repair stores like Scorpion Computers are experts in repairing iPods, iPhones, smartphones, PCs, laptops, and gaming devices. They provide onsite computer repair services to the entire Philadelphia community, including remote support services locally or nationwide. Their rates are affordable and most repairs can be done on the same day—sometimes even while you wait.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Philadelphia Computer Repair – Solving the Sony Vaio Fit Wi-Fi Problem

Growing frustrated with Sony’s lack of response, some Vaio Fit users started to take things into their own hands, which meant they replaced their Broadcom cards with off-the-shelf Wi-Fi cards. Those who replaced their Vaio Fit’s Broadcom card reported a significant improvement in the Wi-Fi performance of their laptops.

If you want your Broadcom card replaced in your Vaio Fit laptop but don’t know how to do so, or you’re experiencing other glitches with your gadget, Philadelphia computer repair experts from trusted companies like Scorpion Computers will gladly take care of the job for you. You don’t even need to take your device to their location—these trustworthy centers offer remote computer repair services including malware removal, home wireless network setup, and PC optimization for your convenience.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Consider Philadelphia Cell Phone Repair for Damaged Locked-in Phones

Cell phone damages can come in many ways, including physical ones, such as a broken screen or a cracked back cover. They can also come as malfunctioning parts, or as software damages. Those looking to getting an insurance coverage for their phone should look at the type of damages that will be covered by their plans.

The same types of damages can also happen on iPads and other tablet brands, and may also be covered by an insurance plan. However, those who need an iPad repair in Philadelphia also have to check the type of coverage their plan provides. Fortunately, cell phone and iPad owners can rely on the services of repair companies like Scorpion Computers for long-lasting and affordable results.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Trust A Professional Tech For Your Philadelphia Computer Repair Needs

As users spend many hours a day in their virtual world, privacy in computer use and content has become a critical issue. The fear of privacy violations is one of the reasons some people hesitate to bring their PCs to the pros for repairs. The tips given in the article can help lessen this apprehension, and allow owners to get the professional computer repair in Philadelphia that they need. Thankfully, companies like Scorpion Computers can be relied on to provide skillful and trustworthy service at reasonable costs.

Personal computers are just one type of computer that needs repairs. Apple’s Macintosh series are a popular alternative, and can also develop technical problems. Mac repair in Philadelphia can be just as complicated as PC repair, if not more so. Macs are closed systems and need professional repair technicians to do the work. Amateur efforts may only worsen existing problems or cause new ones to appear.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Philadelphia iPhone Repair: Apple to Release Screen of Death Bug Fix

Some users have reported that the sudden reboots begin to occur when the iPhone’s battery drops below 30%. Other reports have also suggested that the color of the crash screen displayed depends on the color of the iPhone’s face—a white iPhone will crash to a white screen with a black Apple logo and vice versa.

Recently, however, talking to the independent news website Mashable, Trudy Muller, an Apple spokesperson, revealed that Apple would be addressing the problem in an upcoming software update.

Apple did not mentioned an exact date for the release, however, rumors are that the fix will be included with the upcoming release of iOS 7.1, which was recently released to app developers.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mac Anniversary Stirs Fond Memories of Computer Repair in Philadelphia

On January 24, the Macintosh computer celebrated its 30th birthday. In a recent article from Windows IT Pro, one PC repair professional commemorated the event by recalling all his interesting experiences servicing the computer.

He remembers how difficult it was to even get the original Mac open—a feat that required a 12-inch hex driver to remove several screws and a special “Mac Cracker” to separate the front and back housings. He also recalled how the computer’s video tube produced a strong shock that left fingers numb for several minutes, was loud enough to resemble a “resounding thunderclap” that could “freak people out,” and could produce a lightshow in the dark.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

5 Things to Remember Prior to Your Cell Phone Repair in Philadelphia

Finally, check your phone and see if everything is clean and dry. From the ports and the compartments, to the battery and covers, see if everything is functioning accordingly.

If you’ve done all these steps and your phone is still not working, then that’s the time you must call an expert like Scorpion Computers, who offers various services for electronic devices, including iPad repair in Philadelphia.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Top Causes for Computer Repair in Philadelphia and How to Address Them

When Applications Are Running Slowly – While you may have rooted for the Tortoise from the fable “The Rabbit and the Tortoise Race,” having your computer in the tortoise/turtle’s pace is something you don’t want. What to do? Check your computer’s operating system for issues like missing updates or lack of hard drive space. If it’s the latter, then simply scan and clean your hard drive from old files and unused programs.

In the ever-changing world of cyber technology, it’s best to keep tabs on basic things that we can do. However, if problems persist, you can always count on a friendly neighborhood computer service team like Scorpion Computers who can help you with PC and Mac repair in Philadelphia.