Thursday, February 20, 2014

Philadelphia iPhone Repair: Apple to Release Screen of Death Bug Fix

Some users have reported that the sudden reboots begin to occur when the iPhone’s battery drops below 30%. Other reports have also suggested that the color of the crash screen displayed depends on the color of the iPhone’s face—a white iPhone will crash to a white screen with a black Apple logo and vice versa.

Recently, however, talking to the independent news website Mashable, Trudy Muller, an Apple spokesperson, revealed that Apple would be addressing the problem in an upcoming software update.

Apple did not mentioned an exact date for the release, however, rumors are that the fix will be included with the upcoming release of iOS 7.1, which was recently released to app developers.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mac Anniversary Stirs Fond Memories of Computer Repair in Philadelphia

On January 24, the Macintosh computer celebrated its 30th birthday. In a recent article from Windows IT Pro, one PC repair professional commemorated the event by recalling all his interesting experiences servicing the computer.

He remembers how difficult it was to even get the original Mac open—a feat that required a 12-inch hex driver to remove several screws and a special “Mac Cracker” to separate the front and back housings. He also recalled how the computer’s video tube produced a strong shock that left fingers numb for several minutes, was loud enough to resemble a “resounding thunderclap” that could “freak people out,” and could produce a lightshow in the dark.