Sunday, October 19, 2014

Do You Know CPR? Philadelphia Cell Phone Repair Tips for Wet Phones

Although your goal is to dry your phone quickly, don’t use a hairdryer. It will melt the circuitry. Similarly, do not place your iPhone in the microwave as it will neither dry nor charge your phone, regardless of whether you updated your iOS. Once the phone has dried—which usually happens within 24 to 36 hours—assemble it again and turn it on. If it fails to boot up, then it’s time to visit an experienced Philadelphia iPhone repair service like Scorpion Computers. In case you encounter other types of problems with your phone after booting up, do not hesitate to have a trusted Philadelphia cell phone repair service take a look at it. With today’s prices, salvaging your phone is likely to be much less expensive than buying a new one, as well as much more convenient.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Philadelphia Computer Repair Experts Share Tips When Reformatting

Since reformatting entails reinstalling your OS, be sure you actually have the disk on-hand before clicking the reformat option. Major computer manufacturers will always supply this along with your purchase, but some smaller brands may not do so. Always make sure as you don’t want to realize you can’t complete the reformat right in the middle of the process. In the event that you make a mistake and lose important files or programs, do not panic. A quick trip to a center for computer repair in Philadelphia like Scorpion Computers should be done to recover any lost files. If you aren’t very confident in your own IT skills, a computer repair service would be more than happy to do the reformatting for you.