Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Third Party Service Centers That Offer Cell Phone Repair in Philadelphia Are A Common Choice for iPhone Users

Apple's iPhone 5 is undoubtedly one of the most popular and in demand phone in the market today. Though a lot of people are clamoring to have one, problems like a broken screen is one of the most common dilemmas for customers. Having it fixed through Apple will cost from $149 to $159, which is almost the same price of purchasing a new iPhone 5 with plan coverage. iPhones are, indeed, popular. They're also delicate phones and expensive to purchase and maintain. These reasons do not actually deter some locals of Philadelphia to buy and own one. Luckily for them, there are more than a few reliable third party service centers that offer a much affordable cell phone repair in Philadelphia. Although Apple has made attempts to discourage people to seek third party repair centers by voiding their warranty even with the slightest sign of tampering, this doesn't stop some to go for a much reasonable price for simple repairs.

Rely Only On Trusted and Certified Computer Repair Companies in Philadelphia

A contributing reader of an article posted on The Consumerist official site purchased a laptop with a 3-year warranty from a popular computer company that suffered from a weakened connection from the screen to the base of the laptop. He sent his laptop to the customer service center and had hoped it will get fixed. But to his dismay, it got worse. Unfortunately for Chris, his laptop, after 6 weeks in the service center, was put on a “ billable hold.” Despite his best effort to contact and get updates from the service center, the news they gave him only continued to disappoint him. This scenario is the best example to check the company's after-sales service before purchasing. For cities like Philadelphia which is big on computers, locals can rely on other reputable companies such as Scorpion Computers to provide computer repairs in Philadelphia.