Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Malware and Jailbreaks: Get Help from Philadelphia iPad Repair Experts

"Choose Wisely Jailbreaking comes with its pros and cons. Security experts advise caution when planning an iOS jailbreak (iOS 7.1 no longer allows jailbreaking after the vulnerability exploited by jailbreaker Evasion7 was patched up by the makers). For a more worry-free jailbreak, it’s better to let a Philadelphia cell phone repair expert like Scorpion Computers handle the process. Jailbreaking will help you gain full access to your phone’s features and install premium apps. However, if not done carefully, it can do more harm than good, perhaps even more than just voiding your warranty with Apple. Jailbreakers such as Evasion7 always include a disclaimer, saying they can’t guarantee the safety of the data inside during the process."

Monday, May 12, 2014

Philadelphia Computer Repair Experts are Ready for the New Mac Pro

" The RAM modules are easily accessible and replaceable, says iFixit, so users can max out the memory to 64GB without too much sweat. Removing the solid-state drive entails just a turn of a screwdriver, revealing the flash storage and flash controller.” This daunting technological achievement is made even more remarkable by the apparent ease of its repair and maintenance. Philadelphia Mac repair pros like those at Scorpion Computers will have no trouble dismantling the equipment to fix or replace components, and putting it back together. With repair experts on hand, the prospect of investing in the new Mac Pro does not seem too forbidding, even with the device’s staggering cost."