Sunday, December 22, 2013

Find a Reliable Philadelphia iPhone Repair Shop to Fix Wi-Fi Issues

"If the Wi-Fi is still defective despite exhausting all troubleshooting methods, Philly iPhone users have no choice but to use their mobile data service even if a Wi-Fi connection is available. As a result, they have to pay more than what they need to for their phone bills, not to mention endure the volatile signals of their network provider. To avoid additional costs and the inconvenience of faulty Wi-Fi, they need to bring their phone to an experienced technician who provides iPhone repair in Philadelphia so they can resolve the issue permanently. Although their main purpose is cell phone repair in Philadelphia, iPhone users can try bringing their phones to local computer repair shops, as well. Since smart phones are just small computers with a call and text feature, their technicians are sure to handle whatever issue the iPhone has. It would be best for users to look for Apple Certified Technicians."

Friday, December 20, 2013

The Benefits of Hiring a Local Philadelphia Computer Repair Technician

"Philly residents can rely on experienced Philadelphia computer repair technicians from a local repair shop to discuss their options and provide the costs up front. After all, they themselves will conduct the repair, and not just front desk personnel that receive broken laptops and turn them over to the support team. Thanks to the more personal approach, laptop owners can even take advantage of all-inclusive computer repair in Philadelphia while they have their laptop fixed. They can ask the technician to fix any other issue that was present in their computer even before they broke the screen, such as data recovery and virus removal or prevention. Moreover, they can upgrade their laptop for an even better computing experience once they resume using their computer. "

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Raise iPhone Battery Issues to a Philadelphia Cell Phone Repair Center

"Much like in any cellphone, one way you can prevent battery problems is to use your iPhone wisely and responsibly. Disable features like Auto Downloading and App Refreshing when they are not in use since they actually consume additional power, even though they’re running in the background and they don’t interfere with how you use your phone. Additionally, you may also want to minimize the screen brightness of your phone and even use Airplane mode to preserve its power, so that it won’t constantly go looking for cellular networks that often. Unfortunately, there will come a time where your battery simply has to go and you need a fully powered device to fix other battery-related problems like a frozen screen or an inactive camera. Experts in Apple products can lend you a hand for when a battery replacement is in order.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Trust a Philadelphia Computer Repair Center for Fixing Mac Problems

"These are the types of problems that frustrates most computer users because, technically, they didn’t do anything wrong aside from upgrading their OS. While software issues may be enough reason for some people to simply give up on their Macs, they should consider sending their computers to reliable repair centers like those that provide gaming and computer repair in Philadelphia, PA. Aside from addressing any problems with software, these centers can also fix hardware problems such as damaged screens and faulty speakers and microphones. Of course, their expertise should only be reserved for serious issues because the user himself can fix some computer problems. For example, one of the most common issues with Macs is that they sometimes stumble across the “persistent beachball” loading icon, which often indicates that the OS or an application has crashed. Pressing Cmd+Option+Esc will force the app to quit, although it’s safer to just wait until the program finishes running."

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Prioritize Cell Phone Repair in Philadelphia and Other Areas Over Buying New Units

In busy areas like Pennsylvania, where mobile phones and other gadgets abound, consumers should first look for a Philadelphia cell phone repair company before heading to the store for a replacement. This is because most of the damages incurred by the phones can still be repaired and would cost much less than buying a brand new unit.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tech Writer Advises Checking Cost for Computer Repair in Philadelphia

Freelance technology writer Tim Fisher discussed cost as the first of several considerations that people should look into when searching for a good provider of computer repair in Philadelphia and other places. In his article on, Fisher listed questions as well as their expected answers to help guide consumers towards finding repair shops that will fix their computer issues while giving them optimal value for the service.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Your Next Philadelphia Computer Repair Can Cost 10% Less than Usual

No matter how careful you are with them, your computer, laptop, or smart-phone will encounter problems in the future. You need not worry, though, because here at Scorpion Computers, we'll make sure that fixing your busted gadgets won't cost you more than necessary. If you come to us right now, we'll happily scratch 10% off on labor costs for any repair, no strings attached! There are plenty of reasons for you to call for computer repair in Philadelphia anyway, and some of these are bound to happen the more you use your PC or laptop. Computer processing speed gradually slows down the more programs you install and the older your hardware gets. Defective hardware can result in your computer freezing big time or crashing, i.e., seeing that Windows Blue Screen of Death, which may require professional intervention.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tips for Getting More Affordable Cell Phone Repair in Philadelphia

To protect their phones or tablets, people buy cases to prevent chips or cracks after a fall. Others buy a screen protector to prevent their gadgets from scratches. However, cases obscure the sexiness of our phones, while screen protectors can make viewing angles worse. In the case of an iPhone with a cracked screen, replacing it at an Apple store will cost you $249 dollars—half the price of a new unit. For many, their only salvation is through stand-alone phone repair shops. Scorpion Computers is one such shop that offers more affordable cell phone repair in Philadelpia.Shops like Scorpion Computers offer repair services that cost only a fraction of what you might pay a smartphone brand’s exclusive service center. Consumers can also look to these outlets for iPad repair in Philadelphia.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Third Party Service Centers That Offer Cell Phone Repair in Philadelphia Are A Common Choice for iPhone Users

Apple's iPhone 5 is undoubtedly one of the most popular and in demand phone in the market today. Though a lot of people are clamoring to have one, problems like a broken screen is one of the most common dilemmas for customers. Having it fixed through Apple will cost from $149 to $159, which is almost the same price of purchasing a new iPhone 5 with plan coverage. iPhones are, indeed, popular. They're also delicate phones and expensive to purchase and maintain. These reasons do not actually deter some locals of Philadelphia to buy and own one. Luckily for them, there are more than a few reliable third party service centers that offer a much affordable cell phone repair in Philadelphia. Although Apple has made attempts to discourage people to seek third party repair centers by voiding their warranty even with the slightest sign of tampering, this doesn't stop some to go for a much reasonable price for simple repairs.

Rely Only On Trusted and Certified Computer Repair Companies in Philadelphia

A contributing reader of an article posted on The Consumerist official site purchased a laptop with a 3-year warranty from a popular computer company that suffered from a weakened connection from the screen to the base of the laptop. He sent his laptop to the customer service center and had hoped it will get fixed. But to his dismay, it got worse. Unfortunately for Chris, his laptop, after 6 weeks in the service center, was put on a “ billable hold.” Despite his best effort to contact and get updates from the service center, the news they gave him only continued to disappoint him. This scenario is the best example to check the company's after-sales service before purchasing. For cities like Philadelphia which is big on computers, locals can rely on other reputable companies such as Scorpion Computers to provide computer repairs in Philadelphia.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Experts of Computer Repair in Philadelphia to Revive Hacked PCs

Have you ever received a disturbing message in your PC saying its files is no longer accesible or it affected other computer users across the states? Or a ransom note saying you have illegally downloaded music, movies, or pornography, and the only way to get your PC functioning again is by paying a lofty fine? This is unfortunate for those who will believe such scam messages. These are the doings of adept hackers, probably the same ones behind the fake antivirus scams, who now uses the so-called “FBI virus” to profit from computer users who will bite into their bait. This type of criminal business has been spreading recently due to its earnings that sums more than $5 million a year. Thus, computer users are advised to be watchful of the messages that popped on their screens or click anything suspicious. And if they happen to receive a ransom note and their computer is locked, turn it off immediately and let an expert in computer repair in Philadelphia address the problem.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Philadelphia Computer Repair Shops – For Affordable and Superior Computer Fix

Are you one of those who can't get through their day without checking something on your computer? How long can you manage without it? If you're the kind of person that depends so much on your Macs and just can't get anything done without it, I'm sure the first thing you thought about when this vital gadget misbehave is to replace it, pronto! But before you throw away this precious little thing, think of the dollars you spent buying it and the bucks you can save if you opt for repairing it rather than purchasing a new one! Why buy a $900 plus brand new computer when Philadelphia computer repair experts can revive your old one for only $145? Moreover, Philadelphia computer repair services just dropped down their price to offer a 40% savings for their costumers. From $145, Power Jack replacement is now only $75; and from $185 you can now have your screen replaced for only $125! So, visit a Philadelphia computer repair shop before you decide to throw that broken laptop away!