Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Prioritize Cell Phone Repair in Philadelphia and Other Areas Over Buying New Units

In busy areas like Pennsylvania, where mobile phones and other gadgets abound, consumers should first look for a Philadelphia cell phone repair company before heading to the store for a replacement. This is because most of the damages incurred by the phones can still be repaired and would cost much less than buying a brand new unit.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tech Writer Advises Checking Cost for Computer Repair in Philadelphia

Freelance technology writer Tim Fisher discussed cost as the first of several considerations that people should look into when searching for a good provider of computer repair in Philadelphia and other places. In his article on, Fisher listed questions as well as their expected answers to help guide consumers towards finding repair shops that will fix their computer issues while giving them optimal value for the service.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Your Next Philadelphia Computer Repair Can Cost 10% Less than Usual

No matter how careful you are with them, your computer, laptop, or smart-phone will encounter problems in the future. You need not worry, though, because here at Scorpion Computers, we'll make sure that fixing your busted gadgets won't cost you more than necessary. If you come to us right now, we'll happily scratch 10% off on labor costs for any repair, no strings attached! There are plenty of reasons for you to call for computer repair in Philadelphia anyway, and some of these are bound to happen the more you use your PC or laptop. Computer processing speed gradually slows down the more programs you install and the older your hardware gets. Defective hardware can result in your computer freezing big time or crashing, i.e., seeing that Windows Blue Screen of Death, which may require professional intervention.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tips for Getting More Affordable Cell Phone Repair in Philadelphia

To protect their phones or tablets, people buy cases to prevent chips or cracks after a fall. Others buy a screen protector to prevent their gadgets from scratches. However, cases obscure the sexiness of our phones, while screen protectors can make viewing angles worse. In the case of an iPhone with a cracked screen, replacing it at an Apple store will cost you $249 dollars—half the price of a new unit. For many, their only salvation is through stand-alone phone repair shops. Scorpion Computers is one such shop that offers more affordable cell phone repair in Philadelpia.Shops like Scorpion Computers offer repair services that cost only a fraction of what you might pay a smartphone brand’s exclusive service center. Consumers can also look to these outlets for iPad repair in Philadelphia.