Saturday, June 21, 2014

Seek Trusted Cell Phone Repair in Philadelphia for iPhone Battery Woes

Water damage, in particular, is a major battery-killer and is one of the biggest reasons why flooded iPhones often stay dead, so to speak. Even if the iPhone was immediately rescued and dried off, there’s a good chance that its battery would no longer hold a full charge. It is possible to replace the battery with a new one without calling an expert, but visiting a Philadelphia iPhone repair center is often a more sensible decision as water may have seeped through and damaged other components.

Meanwhile, a responsible and careful iPhone owner is more likely to worry about software-induced battery problems than clumsily dropping the phone into a puddle or the toilet. Briggs also points out that running multiple apps can drain the iPhone’s battery. For instance, apps and iPhone settings, like Facebook and automatic data fetching (respectively), consume additional power without people realizing it.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Philadelphia Computer Repair: Offers Virus Protection and Removal

US-CERT advises keeping your anti-virus software and operating system updated. You can also get help from shops that offer PC upgrades and computer repair in Philadelphia, so technicians can expertly handle your PC or anti-malware upgrades.

You should also protect your information by regularly updating your passwords and opting for obscure, long, and complicated character combinations. Be wary of scam and spam emails, which are commonly used to spur infections.

Be mindful of telltale signs of malware infection, such as a sluggishly operating system, erratic cursor movement, and unexpected pop-ups of text-based chat boxes. If you encounter these things, you may want to consult a Philadelphia computer repair expert like Scorpion Computers for emergency virus detection and removal so you can reinforce your PC’s security.