Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Philadelphia Cell Phone Repair Center Solves iPhone Software Woes

Many iPhone and iPad owners find that a quick reboot can take care of apps that crash or slow down. For more serious software concerns involving the iPhone, however, it would be best to turn to a Philadelphia cell phone repair expert from a company like Scorpion Computers who knows how to diagnose and troubleshoot Apple software and hardware problems. Any ill-informed DIY attempts to fix such a sophisticated piece of gadgetry can only do more harm than good. Case in point: battery problems. If an iPhone 5 were to suddenly shut down on its own, it is easy to assume that a battery defect is to blame. However, the problem could be traced to apps installed on the phone, or even iOS itself, as these things consume battery power even when the device is turned off or on standby mode. The same is also true of other mobile devices, given that current battery designs can barely keep up with the ever-growing power demands of apps and device features, such as Bluetooth connectivity.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Philadelphia Computer Repair Expert Moves to New Allegheny Ave. Store

Thank you! No two words can better express how we feel about this latest development in our company. Due to your overwhelming support and trust, Scorpion Computers—your preferred provider of computer repair in Philadelphia—has grown tremendously over the past two years, prompting us to move to a new store location on 2636 E. Allegheny Avenue. The move is now scheduled for the end of July but we are still open at our old location until further notice. It’s not too drastic a change, though—our new shop is literally blocks away from our old location, only that it’s much bigger now, making visits more convenient and comfortable for customers.